Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Big Fishing Tournament
Chapter 2 A Perfect Day
Chapter 3 Pittsburghers Love to Party
Chapter 4 The Legend of Palm Sunday
Chapter 5 A Sea Monster at Waterworks
Chapter 6 Sinking in Fort Pierce
Chapter 7 Three Hours with a Tarpon
Chapter 8 Family Becomes a Priority
Chapter 9 Steelhead of the Pottawatomie
Chapter 10 Bonefish at the Ocean Reef Club
Chapter 11 Lure of the Chapleau Walleye
Chapter 12 The Impatience of Youth
Chapter 13 Lost on the Georgian Bay
Chapter 14 Hooks are Sharp!
Chapter 15 A Bat out of Where?
Chapter 16 The Acapulco Mystery
Chapter 17 A Ton of Tuna
Chapter 18 Monster in the Canyon
Chapter 19 Observing the Bering Sea
Chapter 20 Catching the Tiger
Chapter 21 Billfish off the East Cape
Chapter 22 Illegitimi non Carborundum
Chapter 23 Spinning for Marlin
Chapter 24 Rolling a Mississippi Seven
Chapter 25 Thumb Burning
Chapter 26 A Weeks' Worth of Wahoo
Chapter 27 Salmon Fishin' at Tickchik
Chapter 28 It's for the Birds!
Chapter 29 The 40th Bash
Chapter 30 Crocodile Bay
Chapter 31 How Dumb is That?
Chapter 32 The Delight of Eating the Catch
Chapter 33 "Just One Last Cast"
Appendix A Fish Caught by Walt Benecki 1945-2005
Appendix B Chapleau River System
Appendix C Chapleau Checklist
Appendix D Cabo Invitational Statistics

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